Why use me as your coach?
I can help you find answers to important questions you may be asking yourself:
How can I grow as a leader and stretch myself for whatever comes next?
How often am I truly on top of my game? What stops me being at my best?
What am I not seeing? How can I get some fresh perspectives?
Our plans are ambitious - how can we get the results we want without strain?
How far am I fulfilling my potential?
Am I learning and developing as much as I could?
How could the company grow more? What's getting in the way?
How strong is my leadership team?
How well do we work together and what could be better?
What more am I capable of as a leader and how do I find out?
At times I feel isolated, how can I get the support I need?
Why am I so busy? Why aren't there enough hours in the day?

I can make your time more effective, both for yourself and your business. I can show you that the answers to these and many other questions are inside you (and your top team). As your coach, I can help you find them, use them – and this way, create more space in your day.



I've developed a lot through working with John and I'm now a more relaxed, well rounded leader. My emotional range is broader and I've become more nuanced in my decision making.

We've worked together over a number of years as I progressed towards CFO in increasingly demanding roles. He was always there to encourage me as well as asking questions which took my thinking further, particularly in visualizing what I wanted.

He also facilitated top team meetings, achieving the outcomes we were after with high interaction and a sense of ease.